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The Community Greenhouse Foundation is a not for profit organization that promotes and facilitates greener communities. We build bridges and unite communities through awareness, education and partnering.

Education, Planning, Action, Empowerment.

We are committed to raising awareness, educating the public and promoting sustainable communities.

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Community Greenhouse

We provide programs and outreach for many distinct segments of your community that promote sustainable development, operating your business and facilities in a greener light, and conserving resources, like energy and water.

for Communities for Business for Government and Municipalities

We can help you imagine, plan and construct a green building. We can help your city or municipality promote greener living for business and citizens. We can help you educate and outreach and spread the good word about people in your community who are working to make it a better place. We can help you plan and manage events or cunduct seminars and workshops.

Our mission is to spread the word about solutions that can dramatically change and improve your community and quality of life. We think that in the coming decade, communities that are greener, will have advantage over those who are not. From resources, energy, water and waste to planning and development, the time to steer your community to efficiency is now.

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As consultants, as partners, as a resource, we exist to make your community a better place. A place that you still want to call home.

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